Because that’s what Writers do…

Setting up a blog that is and writing. Mainly the writing part.

So hey, here I am writing things. Re-discovered my account that past me had created in 2009 and I shall use it for all things considering my beard. And my writing.

Rundown of the current situation:

Beard –  coming in strong from nearly a 11 month streak, now being trimmed for the past 3 months. I guess its time to let it grow again. Kinda like a reminder to write. Once “something” is finished I may consider a barber visit. Guess pictures will follow.

Writing – Have not practiced creative writing in almost 11 years. Back then I was much into short stories and poetry.  But I think I was not good at getting negative feedback, so I quit. Not sure why I picked it up now again, but I guess a new found old passion is still a passion. Currently working mainly on my short story book, that I plan to finish and then self publish. Also have room for novels but small steps. For now I am contempt that I manage to do “something” everyday and be it just research.

More about each story will follow.